31 August – 14 September 2019


We love going to Mozambique!!! It involves a lot more planning and preparation than normal, but in the end it is so worth it!!!


Crossing the border into Mozambique, there’s definitely a change in the air. It’s immediately obvious that you’re in a different country. There’s no doubt about it… This is Africa.

And Africa can come as a shock. There’s a sense of unruly freedom here that can be daunting.

Or… incredibly liberating.

Frelimo Monument in Tofinho Mozambique

In Mozambique very few things happen the way they’re expected to happen. Unless we expect the unexpected. It’s unfettered and unhampered. And sometimes untethered.

That’s why we love it! This place is unlike anywhere else.

photo_2019-09-16_18-17-48 (2)

Our annual Mozambique Surf Trip also includes a two-day visit to the Kruger National Park, one of the biggest nature reserves on the African continent and a definite highlight of the trip!


Traveling through the Kruger Park is an awesome way to see Africa’s greatest wild animals, in their natural habitat.

There’s nothing quite like it…


After exploring the Kruger Park, we cross the border into Mozambique and Tofo is our final destination…


If you enjoy beach-front accommodation then this is just for you. It doesn’t get much closer to the ocean than here in Tofo.

And this is also where the surfing magic happens!


Tofo is ideal for all surfing levels, from complete beginner to advanced. There are different breaks to suit different levels and it’s one of those places where there’s a wave for everyone!


The beaches are absolutely amazing, with endless stretches of white sand, a glorious sunrise and sunset, and crystal-clear blue warm water.


Other highlights on our Mozambique Surf Trip include an ocean safari with spectacular views of dolphins and Humpback whales.


Humpback whales migrate between Mozambique and Antarctica every year.

They spend the winter in Mozambique to give birth and then travel down to Antarctica for the summer, to feed in the cold nutrient-rich waters there.


And, off course, we do Yoga on the beach…

Beach Yoga is a constant on all our Surf Trips and it’s a great way to relieve tired muscles, worn out from surfing every day…

This was another fantastic experience and we’re already looking forward to doing another Mozambique Surf Trip in 2020 !!!

Enjoy the photos!!!

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