9 – 23 July 2019


Winter on the Southern Tip of Africa is not for the faint of heart. Temperatures do drop to the low teens and sometimes even into single digits. However, those that brave the cold are always rewarded.

For starters, the best surfers in the world travel to this corner of the world every year to surf one of the world’s best waves at Supertubes.

Jeffreys Bay has long been a favorite stop of most surfers on surfing’s elite World Championship Tour and to see these athletes in action, up close and personal, is a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ kind of experience.


Then there’s the fact that the ocean really comes alive with swell during the winter months, providing non-stop waves all over the place, all the time.


And while everyone is hiding from the cold, the beaches and line-ups are empty, often without good reason, as the winter weather makes for some truly beautiful moments.


And no Garden Route Surf Trip with Unravel Surf Travel would be complete without visiting The Surfer Kids, a non-profit outreach initiative empowering some of the area’s most impoverished children through surfing. We had the unique opportunity to assist The Surfer Kids’ Surf Instructors with a day of surf coaching and fun!


For those brave enough, there truly was something special waiting at the other end of the rainbow.

#SurfTrip38 was an awesome experience and we said goodbye to another super-stoked and surfed-out group of happy clients!

Enjoy the photos and check out our upcoming Surf Trips for more info!


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