There are as many different ways to surf as there are surfers in the water. Surfing means something different to every surfer. For some it’s a hobby and for others it’s their entire lifestyle.

But we all started surfing because it’s fun!

Surfing is relatively accessible. Getting to the beach can sometimes be the only hassle. But once you’re there, you can surf as many waves as you want!

All you need is a surfboard and nature will provide the rest. You don’t need a track, fences or chalk lines.

Surfing is about freedom! It’s about playing with nature, the ultimate team-mate and the best teacher.

Surfing isn’t easy. Developing real surfing skills can take a while and there are many levels of improvement. Becoming an advanced surfer, riding serious waves, can take many years.

But learning the basics is quite easy! Anyone can have fun from the very beginning!

With a bit of professional help, almost anyone can learn to ride a broken wave (called a foamie or a whitewash) within a matter of hours.

The best way to learn surfing is to start with a few lessons and some good advice. And then just get out there and do it!

Booking a surf lesson or, even better, going on a Surf Trip is a fantastic idea! Or just find a friendly surfer willing to help you learn the basics. You’ll save yourself a lot of hassle by learning from someone with experience.