10 – 24 Mar 2018

After a super-stoked and surfed-out experience with #SurfTrip29 and #SurfTrip30 in late 2017, we took a much needed break and left the Garden Route, before the local crowds that move with the school holidays packed the beaches full. But it never lasts too long and once the calm vibe of our laid-back coastline was restored, we headed into 2018 with #SurfTrip31 and #SurTrip32 lined up and ready to go!!


We started #SurfTrip32 with a drive-through of the spectacular Hemel-en-Aarde Vallei (Valley of Heaven and Earth) to sample some local wines and then headed East, toward the semi-secluded Garden Route and the magic of Buffels Bay. We spent the next 10 days surfing as often as possible, soaking up every moment of surf that Buffels had to offer.


And, as always, we scored some really awesome waves, perfect for learning to surf and progressing further into the line-up!


We also combined our daily surfing with several excursions and explored all the best adventures the Garden Route has to offer.


And no Garden Route Surf Trip with Unravel Surf Travel would be complete without visiting The Surfer Kids, a non-profit outreach initiative empowering some of the poorest and most marginalized local children through surfing. Guests on #SurfTrip32 had the unique opportunity to assist The Surfer Kids’ Surf Instructors with a day of surf coaching and fun!

As an optional extra we also always offer daily Yoga practice with a qualified instructor on all our Surf Trips, to help relieve tired muscles and focus the mind on enjoying every moment.

Finally we travelled back to Cape Town and finished the trip with an exploration of the breathtaking Cape Peninsula where we visited Cape Point, Boulders Penguin Colony, Kalk Bay Harbour and the world famous Table Mountain.


#SurfTrip32 was an awesome experience and we said goodbye to another super-stoked and surfed-out group of happy clients!

Enjoy the photos and check out our upcoming Surf Trips for more info!

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