2014 – Year in Review

Unravel Surf Travel Tour. South Africa-9448

2014 was a busy year for Unravel Surf Travel and The Surfer Kids NON-Profit!
We hosted some incredible Surf Tours
… we had some great adventures …
… and we shared some amazing experiences !!!
What follows is a small glimpse into some of the highlights that made 2014 another memorable year!



Unravel Surf Travel

March SURF-Yoga Tour, Cape Town – Garden Route

June/July SURF-Yoga Tour, Mozambique, via Kruger Park

JBay Open – event no.6 on the World Surf League Championship Tour

October/November SURF-Yoga Tour, Cape Town – Garden Route

November/December SURF-Yoga Tour, Cape Town – Garden Route

The Surfer Kids NON-Profit

NPO Registration and Bank Account

In 2014 The Surfer Kids was officially registered as a Non-Profit Organization with the Department of Social Development! Our NPO Registration number is 136-987 NPO and we were finally able to open an official NPO Bank Account in The Surfer Kids’ name!!!

NPO registration and bank account

The Surfer Kids NON-Profit Trustees are, from left to right: Peter Nilssen, Jenya Zhivaleva (Co-Founder) Hermann Vivier (Co-Founder) and Benjamin Joubert (Community Coordinator)

The Surfer Kids Centre

During the course of 2014 we started construction on The Surfer Kids Centre in Friemersheim. The centre will serve as a general storage facility for The Surfer Kids’ equipment and it will provide a space for the kids to start doing their own surfboard repairs and work on other craft projects. It will also be a general gathering place for all participants in the programme!

The Surfer Kids Fundraiser

with Lyzyrd Kyngs (Piet Botha and Akkedis Band) at The Barn, Mossel Bay

Ross Taylor Surf Contest
The Surfer Kids Volunteer Programme

Launched in 2013 The Surfer Kids Volunteer Programme successfully hosted their second international volunteer in 2014! The experience was very positive and we’ve received some really good feedback! We’ve also learnt a lot in a short span of time and we’re confident that the Volunteer Programme will grow quickly in 2015!!

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