November-December SURF-Yoga Tour

Tour #18

Our 18th Tour! What a milestone! And it really does feel like we’ve come of age with our Surf Tours… Although we’ll never lose our young, wild and adventurous-at-heart spirit, we’ve now reached a level of maturity, professionalism and development that can only be gained through experience.

This was another incredible Tour with sights, exploration, surfing and Yoga all part of the everyday experience!

We visited some familiar spots and surfed some long-time favourite waves, but we also saw some entirely new things and had completely unfamiliar experiences!

And no matter how many Tours we do and how often we travel a particular route, no two Tours will ever be the same. That’s just the way we operate. Our Tours are our passion. We do it because we love it. It’ll never be “just another day at the office” for us, because our job description changes every day!

That is why we love doing this!

Tour #18 was a SURF-Yoga Tour between Cape Town and the Garden Route, South Africa.

The Tour started in Cape Town, with the first two days being spent in and around the city. We explored the Cape Peninsula, Cape Point and Table Mountain. We visited the penguin colony at Boulders Beach. We ate local seafood at the legendary Kalky’s Harbour Cafe and we watched a live outdoor music concert at Kirstenbosch Gardens!

Next we travelled up the Garden Route to Buffels Bay, which would be our base for the next ten days. We surfed every day… !!! And we went on multiple excursions, including whale watching, safari game drive, zip-sliding, lion walking and more!

Off course The Surf Kids also joined us on Tour for a day of surfing fun and we also visited The Surfer Kids’ hometown, Friemersheim, for a Village Tour, to see how real locals live!

And whenever we had the time we practised Yoga together.

After we were surfed out and satisfied that we’d done everything we possibly could, we travelled back to Cape Town via a beautiful wine farm, for a wine tasting, cellar tour and gourmet lunch!

Our last day on Tour in Cape Town was spent walking around the city and taking in all the sights on offer!

When, at the end, we had to say goodbye, there were tears, but joy in them too, knowing that all of us had experienced something incredible together.

We look forward to our next Surf Tour!

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