Mozambique Surf Expedition via Kruger Park

Tour # 16

It’s difficult to believe that all of it really happened… But it did! And it was incredible!

Johannesburg. Kruger Park. Wild animals, in their natural habitat. African border crossing. Mozambique. Beaches. Yoga. Surfing. Waves. And more!

Mozambique Tour Group

Mozambique Tour Group

I always emphasize the point here that every Surf Tour with Unravel Surf Travel is unique. There’s no packaged itinerary winding down a beaten path. Every Tour we do is fresh. Every Tour is different. And every Tour is personal.

It is us. It is what we do. Jenya and I. For you. Personally.

We customize every experience according to the people we’re on Tour with. That’s the way we operate.


Unravel Surf Travel Co-Founders, business partners, tour organisers, surfers and yogis, husband and wife, Hermann and Jenya

Sure, we could standardize every Tour, buy a bus and become just another Tour Operator zipping up and down the coast. But then Surf Touring will become our job. Something we do simply to earn a living.

We don’t want the bottom line to become more important than your experience. Because your experience is our experience. And that experience is our focus.

The way we do it now, that’s the way we like it. It is a way of life for us. On tour, we travel as much as our clients do. And, as an added bonus, we provide our customers with an awesome experience, surfing and exploring Southern Africa!


Excitement outside Kruger Park!

This particular tour started in Johannesburg, took us to Malelane and into the Kruger National Park. From there we drove to Komatiepoort, crossed the border into Mozambique and reached our final destination, Tofo, Inhambane, where we surfed every day and had a whole bunch of other incredible experiences!

whale jump

Ocean Safari and whale watching!

The Kruger Park is always impressive. There’s nothing quite like it. Driving through the gates of what remains a truly wild experience! We spent two entire days exploring the southern part of the park, which is the size of a small country, and spotted many wild animals, roaming about freely! As intended it to be.


Hippopotamus, statistically the most dangerous animal in Africa

Crossing the border into Mozambique was wild! There’s a definite change in the air as one moves from one African country into another. The roads were long and often slow, but driving through the landscape gives one a true taste of Africa!

The bewildered looks of locals met our looks of fascination. And somewhere in between was that feeling only true travellers experience.


Mozambique road-tripping!

The surfing in Tofo was awesome! Tofo is definitely one of those places that easily accommodates every surfer, from beginner to advanced. Those that surfed for the very first time were as stoked as those of us who were progressing to an intermediate level and beyond.

The beach-break offered great waves for learning the basics while the point offered world class walls with some super fun barrels! And there’s talk of plenty other mind blowing surf spots in the area! Something we’ll definitely look into when we return!


First time surfers progressing to intermediate levels and beyond, on Tour with Unravel Surf Travel!

And we will return! We’re definitely considering making this an annual Surf Tour! The wild animals of the Kruger Park, the humpback whales of Tofo, the waves, the people, the food, and how could anyone forget the sunset Yoga sessions on the beach!


Ocean wind and Yoga, truly an experience for body, mind and soul…

We’ll definitely be back in Mozambique! Check our Surf Tours Page, Facebook Page and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on upcoming Tours!


But, for now, enjoy the photos of our trip!

For more info on our Surf Tours visit our Surf Tours Page, or for direct enquiries send an email to:

Yours in surfing, love and life!


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