Norwegian Group Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons are awesome fun in big groups! Learning to surf with friends is a great way to be inspired! And there’s no better feeling than paddling for a wave and hearing your friends hoot encouragement!

And when you catch that wave, they’re all watching you ride the wave of your life!

It’s awesome sharing these moments with friends!

So, we recently had the privilege of doing a group Surf Lesson for 19 Norwegian students at Diaz Beach in Mossel Bay, on the Garden Route of South Africa! It was great fun and as always sharing the stoke of surfing is probably the best feeling I’ve ever had!

As a bonus I got some awesome shots with our GoPro camera strapped to my wrist!

If you’re keen to learn surfing, check out our Surf Lessons and Surf Tours!

And enjoy the photos!

Yours in surfing, love and life!


Unravel Surf

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