Remembering Place…That Place Within our Hearts


I often contemplate place and how is shapes and forms who we are. The place you grow up, the place you first vacationed to, the place where you have your first true memory, the place you met the strangest person you’ve ever come across, the place you learned to swim, the place you tried the most daring thing you’ve ever done, the list just goes on and on. When referring to place it’s not so much a particular building, business or homestead to which I mean, but rather the other surroundings, the nature, people, culture and heart that make up those places.

IMG_1198   Photo0770

I believe that place has more to do than we think with the development of who we are and how we go about organizing our selves in this world. I for one grew up in a small town tucked away in the Colorado mountains. The vast landscapes, towering…

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