Surfer Kid Non-Profit Update!

This is a blog post by Mary. She’s our first International Volunteer! She came all the way from Colorado, USA, to work with The Surfer Kids NON-Profit!! She’s been working with the kids at Friemersheim Primary School for a month, giving Yoga, English, Computer and Internet classes! She’s also assisting us in the water with The Surfer Kids surf sessions!
For more info on The Surfer Kids NON-Profit Program visit:



Surfing with the kids from Friemershiem is one of the most inspiring, fulfilling and heart expanding aspects of my volunteer work here in South Africa. The Surfer Kids Non-Profit is an outreach program that creates opportunities for kids who would other wise at this time have no other chance to pursuer them. The kids involved in the program hardly ever leave the township, taking the kids to the beach let alone the ocean is an extraordinary experience for them. Some of the kids can’t swim, others it’s their first time ever being in the ocean even though they live 20 kilometers from the beach. The second we hit the beach they pour out of the buckie their eyes light up with the dazzle of ocean spray and they instantly become entranced by the mystic ocean waves. A bit of fear in their faces but not enough to stop there curiosity…

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