February Surf Yoga Photo Tour

Tour #11

Having moved into double digits with our Surf Tours, I gained a new found confidence in what we’re doing here at Unravel Surf Travel.

I’ve always known that I could do it. I’ve always known that I wanted to do it. But I’ve also always harboured a little doubt.

I’ve always enjoyed the tours! I love doing what I’m doing! It’s not just a business, it’s a way of life for me and Jenya. It’s about creating a life of freedom and personal responsibility for ourselves. That’s why we’ll never sell out and become a big business where customers become consumers and are reduced to numbers on a balance sheet. With us, every tour is personal.

But as with every challenge there’s always been a little bit of doubt in there. That’s part of the challenge. Doubt as to whether or not we can actually pull this off on the long term. Is it possible to maintain a balance between personal involvement in every single tour, and yet avoid burning out?

I wasn’t always so sure. And very few people encouraged us to do what we’re doing. Many people thought it would never work. And sometimes I had many doubts. Until this time.

I gained a new found confidence. I feel better than ever before about where we’re going with Unravel Surf Travel. I trust what we’re doing. The Surf Tours, the Outreach & NON-Profit, and the lifestyle that we’re creating.

Maybe it’s all got something to do with this:

Life is all about creating who you really, REALLY, want to be.

That’s the bottom line of it all. There is no higher purpose in life. There is no higher ideal and there is nothing that anyone can ask of you that is more important than that.

Your first and most important obligation is to yourself. To create who you really want to be.

The problem for most people, and for me, is figuring out who we really want to be. It’s quite a process because it’s not something that you or I can figure out by thinking about it. It’s not a problem solving scenario for the mind. It’s a feeling thing. It’s an intuitive thing. It’s a journey of discovery.

For many years now, collectively, we’ve all been on autopilot, so to speak. We were led down our path. Some believe by a higher power, others believe by natural impulses. Either way it comes down to the same thing. We weren’t making conscious decisions as to where we wanted to go. Something, or someone, else was in control of where we’re going.

We followed our path unconsciously, sometimes with disastrous effects. Sometimes we blamed those disastrous consequences on a vengeful higher power. Other times we blamed it on a flawed human nature.

Either way, this paradigm is changing.

Obviously there are many people who won’t believe that this paradigm is changing until they see it happening. And perhaps many people won’t ever get to see it. Some people will even insist that they’ll never believe it, that none of this is possible. That there is no big change happening within the story of mankind. Some people believe that we will always be subject to the will of a higher power, others believe that we will always be subject to our permanently flawed nature.

Neither one of these groups, whether they’re “religiously” or “scientifically” inclined to believe in things as they are, will see the change coming. How could they if they’re inclined to believe in things as they are?

However, big changes are happening.

I have no proof other than my own personal experience. My personal story. But seeing as it is not my aim to convince anyone of anything I don’t even really need that as proof.

My aim is simply to share a message that I feel I must share. A simple message.

There is change coming. Big change. Fundamental change. Not “Change” as a political slogan.

The change that is coming is a literal paradigm shift. And it’s should come as no surprise. Change has always been the only constant in this universe.

In the light of this post that change is reflected as the beginning of a new path, for al of us. We’re finally starting our own journey.

We’re realising that we’re no longer bound to following our flawed nature. We can change our nature if we so choose. It’s always been changing, and it’s always been meant to change, and now we can change it by consciously choosing to do so.

We’re realising that we’re no longer bound to following the supposed rules of a higher power. The creator has no rules other than this: always create who you really, REALLY, want to be. Whatever transpires within the creator’s creation, is, by definition, its choosing. Why would the creator create something that it doesn’t want? Thus whatever we choose is also the creators choice. We’re realising that, just like the higher power we thought we were subject to, we are in fact part of that higher power. We are creators.

We’re realising that its no longer a question of our supposed human nature or the will power of a higher force, it’s a question of: “What do WE really want? Who do WE really want to be?”

The threshold that we’re now stepping over, on this planet, is a threshold of freedom and responsibility. We’re stepping into the role of conscious co-creators.

We’re not meaningless cogs in a machine, bouncing along a random path of meaningless coincidence. Evolution has a very clear purpose. That we create who we really, REALLY, want to be. We’re not powerless subjects worthy only of what is given to us by a higher power. We’re a part of that power. We are that power. That power wants us to create who we really, REALLY, want to be. That’s the purpose of its creation. For us to create ourselves.

We’re all creators. Creators of our own lives. Creators of our world.We’re free to create whatever we want, but we’re all responsible for whatever we choose to create. That’s real freedom. It comes with plenty responsibility.If you had a relatively happy childhood then you’re fortunate. And if you can remember your childhood years, then you’ve got something to relate all of this to. Think about that feeling you had when, as a kid, you woke up in the morning. Especially during school holidays!Before life, robbed of fascination, spoiled it all.Where has that excitement gone? Ask yourself that question.That is the excitement of creating who you really, REALLY, want to be.That’s what it feels like when the world is a canvas for you to express who you truly are. Who you want to be.Now. Feel it once again. It is our highest purpose.Yours in surfing, love and life.HermannAll photos by JenyaUnravel Surf Travel

2 thoughts on “February Surf Yoga Photo Tour

  1. You guys seem to have a great philosophy going with your surf camp. Making a product in a factory is about the bottom line. A surf camp is an experience. Glad to see that you are creating something bigger that will add to someone’s life experiences.


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