November Surf Yoga Tour

Surf Tour  #10

And what a tour it was! Olga joined us again! She first came on tour with us in February 2011 and she also travelled with us to Indonesia in May 2012!!! What a pleasure to see her again! Check out our Indonesian adventure here!

This was our first tour based in Buffels Bay since March 2012 and it was good to be back! We did early morning Yoga, we surfed every day! We explored the Garden Route of South Africa! And Jenya made sure that there are loads of great photos for all to enjoy!

It was an absolutely fantastic tour! And, once again, it confirmed for me that what we’re doing is not an accident.

We’re all supposed to be experiencing whatever happens to us. You. Me. Everyone. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. From the most intimate and personal level to a global and universal level.

I am not however, entirely certain how it all works 🙂

All I can say is this. If you think you understand everything, you’re fooling yourself.

But, even if we don’t know why, we can choose to trust that whatever it is, it happened for a reason.

This is how we discover new paths and learn new things.

If we believe that things simply happen, for no particular reason at all, we won’t be motivated to explore the deeper implications of our experience. In which case we don’t learn anything new. We’ll just go along as we always do.

If we resist what’s happening we won’t allow whatever is happening to propel us onto new trajectories. We will resist and attempt to stay on our current familiar trajectory.

And if we think we already know why, well then we’re definitely not going to learn anything new.

It’s therefore quite simple. It’s not a question of debate. It’s not a question of whether everything does happen for a reason or not.

It’s a question of do we want to learn something truly new?

If we do want to learn something entirely new about ourselves or about life, this is a good place to start.

Assume that everything happens for a reason. Assume that we don’t yet know what those reasons are. Contemplate what whatever happens bearing in mind your assumptions.

And that’s the road we’re actually supposed to walk. It’s not a road we already know. What’s the point of treading a trodden path?

We’re supposed to walk new paths within ourselves. Explore new avenues. That’s how we learn new things. We don’t learn something new by repeating what we already know.

In Zen Buddhism this state of mind is called ‘Beginners Mind’ and from our western perspective it looks like a place of ignorance. But it isn’t. Our western perspective is just totally addicted to explaining things.

To discover something truly new there is no other way except through a beginner’s mind. If we approach everything from an established perspective of knowledge, how will we ever discover things that fall completely outside of that perspective?

Lots of people believe that the Universe is like a clock. They believe that although it is incredibly complicated, in its essence it is no more than a mechanical device with many different parts, all interlocking and working together. But apart from its obvious functional nature, this clock has no intrinsic meaning. Things simply happen. It’s all coincidence.

I used to think like this. I used to label any and all notions of a ‘God’ or a higher intelligence as superstitious.

What changed?

I simply experienced too many coincidences.

Carl Jung had a different view on coincidence. He coined the phrase ‘synchronicity’ in the 1920’s and it refers to the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated, or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner.

After coincidence followed coincidence, I realised two things. First, it’s totally impossible for the universe to produce so many random occurrences that all line up. Think about a slot machine. If somebody wins two jackpots in a row maybe they’re just lucky. Maybe it’s coincidence. But what about winning ten, or one hundred, jackpots in a row? If someone told you that it’s still coincidence would you believe it? Obviously not. The machine is rigged to make jackpots happen.

The universe has a plan.

We worked very hard to host 10 successful surf tours. It didn’t happen by itself. But there were several occasions that were totally beyond our control. Things happened as they did, and they weren’t always positive experiences.

But because of the way things happened, we’re still here. At Surf Tour #10.


What is this higher power that orders the universe? Is it God? Perhaps. That’s what religions call it anyway.

But I prefer not to call it anything in particular.

Let the question remain intellectually unanswered.

Besides, why explain it if you already feel and experience it?

And it’s supposed to be a mystery to everyone else, because you have got to experience it. You’re the one that needs to figure it out. For yourself. There are many people who would like to explain it to you. And they believe that they can. Because that’s the familiar path that they’re on. But they too will have to walk new paths eventually.

No-one can fully explain it to you.

And it doesn’t really matter where you go to find it. I go surfing. Some people go to church. Others have very busy social lives.

There are many ways.

But ultimately we’re all searching for meaning. Whether we like to admit it or not.

Meaning in life can only come from that mysterious higher power which shows itself in the many synchronicities of daily life.

The point is not to explain what that higher power is. The point is not to explain the meaning of other people’s lives.

The point is to figure out, for ourselves, why we’re all here.

Yours in Surfing, Love and Life


All photos by Jenya Zhivaleva

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