FEB Surf Camp

Our February Surf Camp saw the passing of many milestones in the continuing story of Unravel Surf Travel. It was in February 2011 that we hosted our first truly International Surf Camp with guests from as far abroad as Russia, Great Britain and Germany.

Exactly one year later we have gone from strength to strength with successful camps in November, December, January and February! While our New Year Surf Camp featured Horse Riding as part of the program, our most recent Camp in February had an integrated Yoga program presented by a skilled Yoga Instructor and we started moving toward a fully organic and sustainably sourced menu for the entire duration of these and all future Camps!

It has only been a year, but we have come a long way! We built a surf & travel company from the ground up. A company of surfers and travellers that does not really operate according to the accepted norms of a business oriented company, but more according to the unwritten rules of trust and acceptance that exist between friends and family. We simply want to do what we love to do and will do whatever it takes to get to that point where we can live our dreams and dream life

In one form or another Surf Camps have always been a part of my earliest childhood fantasies. The ocean, the adventure, the idyllic settings and scenery, the travelling, the romance and the atmosphere created by enthusiastic surfers and travellers, all this reminds me of the feelings I woke up with on the first day of every school holiday…

Through Unravel Surf Travel we built a hugely successful Not-for-Profit Surf Outreach Program in the form of The Surfer Kids! The program continues to be very well received by the elders and community leaders in the rural village of Friemersheim! We have been totally overwhelmed by the amount of kids that are willing to try something totally new, and currently we work with a regular group of 14 kids, including no fewer than 6 girls!

We found a way of fluidly integrating our Surf Outreach Program into our business of organizing International Surf Camps, so that the boundaries between what we do for ourselves and what we do for others have been continually blended. I feel that it gives the kids a unique sense of purpose to know that they are actually contributing to the Surf Camps and are not just on the receiving end of a little bit of charity. At the end of the day we are all interconnected. As the famous saying goes: the flap of a butterfly’s wings on one side of the planet can affect the course of a hurricane on the other side… It is with this philosophy of co-creation that we have approached almost every aspect of what we do.

Another milestone reached during this last Camp was our official 2nd Birthday! Unravel Surf Travel was officially founded on the 14th of February 2010 and on the 14th of February 2012, we held a celebratory dinner! While the commercialized version of valentines day had very little to do with what we celebrated, one could feel that there was Love in the air… Not the overly romantic love of Hollywood films, nor the lustful love of one-night stands.

Surf Camp Celebratory Dinner 14th Feb 🙂

Real, subtle, Love.

Love that accepts and forgives for the sake of peace. Love that does not judge personally or seek vengeance. Love that does not depend on past reputation and is not afraid of future uncertainty.

The kind of Love that is rarely seen in our fear oriented media.

Real Love. The Love that is the essence of all people.

So… where to from here…?

We have two more Surf Camps lined up for the remainder of this season: March and April. March is already fully booked and it is going to be a blast! For April there are two spots left and you could still join if you act fast and book a spot!

We plan on further developing The Surfer Kids and we hope to have our first Surf Coaches graduate from this program within the next year. We also hope to be given the opportunity to attend more development competitions and travel around our beautiful country with The Surfer Kids.

We plan to continue changing the nature of our Surf Camps, to improvise and keep it fresh, while always maintaining the core that makes us special.

And we plan to continue our evolving mission of Unravelling Life. To show all people the nature of the subtle essence that we all share… A silent and sacred space, sometimes also called Heaven, that exists within you when the mental noise and internal dialogues subside…

Yours in Surfing, Love and Life.


All photos by Jenya Zhivaleva

Unravel Surf Travel.com

Surf Camps ~ March Surf Camp ~ April Surf Camp



7 thoughts on “FEB Surf Camp

  1. Lovely post! I need to do a school paper relating surfie culture to utopianism. I think it will be fun learning all bout it!


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