NY Surf Camp ~ PART I





2012 New Year Surf Camp – 26th December 2011 ~ 19th January 2012.

To celebrate and welcome the new year of 2012 we actually did two separate surf camps, back to back! Over the course of the second week in January some people left and others joined, while we continued to unravel surf and travel!

At some point during the camp I was asked by a fellow traveller: “What is the meaning of your name? What does ‘Unravel’ really mean?”

The obvious response to that question would be to look for a dictionary definition, which one would think gives a good idea of what we try to convey with our name.

But alas no! The dictionary is of little help here…

Unravel: To disentangle…? To disengage or separate the threads of…?? To clear from complication or difficulty…??? To explain; to unfold; to solve; as to unravel a plot … and so it continues.

Before I could answer the question, I asked myself: “What does all this, have to do with Unravel Surf Travel?”

The problem with dictionary definitions are that sometimes they can go on and on. Dictionaries simply use more words to describe some other words, which, as it turns out, is a problem with language in general.

Language is a circular phenomenon and dictionaries simply try to cover the tracks that always lead back to where you started. Words, sentences and therefore language itself, is supposed to have ‘meaning’; but, in the end, ‘meaning’ is nothing more than a collection of more words.

And more words can sometimes just confuse a person. When all meaning within that moment is lost anyway….

Which is why it is sometimes better to just stop talking and instead do something.

So, forget fancy language. What does ‘unravel’ really mean in the context of Unravel Surf Travel?

What do we actually DO that explains our name?

We enter into an unravelling mode of operation. Neither constructing nor de-constructing anything. An unravelled state of mind. The purpose of which is always to uncover the true meaning of whatever is being done.

The true meaning for yourself.

Not what it is supposed to mean according to media, culture, family or friends, but what it actually means for you right now. These can often be two very different things, and the ideal should always be to find what it actually means for yourself first.

You cannot communicate with other people unless you are in communication with yourself.

When we unravel we allow all external sources of information (like travel guidebooks, opinions and environmental stimuli) to saturate and seep through our minds and consciousness, only leaving behind an impression, as they should. By not holding on to anything external you become aware of yourself within the experience instead of trying to make the experience fit into a framework of expectations.

But trying to explain this is like replacing the journey with the journal…

And, as I always like to say, the journey itself is irreplaceable.

So, Thank You to everyone involved in this particular journey! We have made many new friends and we have discovered whole new avenues of personal meaning! Thank You to all for contributing and making our 2012 New Year Surf Camp a roaring success!

A special Thank You to Yvette & Colin Buitendag, and their family, for hosting us at their stunningly beautiful Surfari Surf Lodge & Backpackers in Victoria Bay.

And, as always, Thank You to Jenya for these beautiful photos!

We have broken down this collection of shots and we have divided it into four albums. We will be releasing these albums, one by one, over the course of the next week.

To start off with, here is the first album from our New Year Surf Camp: SURFING!!!


Yours in surfing, love and life


Unravel Surf Travel

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