Canoeing with The Surfer Kids

On the 10th of December 2011 we took The Surfer Kids on an unforgettable canoe trip through Wildernis National Park!

However, as always, there is a story behind the story.

It just so happened that The Surfer Kids’ 1st Anniversary coincided with our recent November Spring Surf Camp.

As such, we were supposed to go canoeing with The Surfer Kids on the 20th November 2011, as part of a November Spring Surf Camp Adventure Excursion… something that our fellow Unravel Surf Campers were very excited about! They had just met The Surfer Kids the previous day, during the usual day of Outreach Surfing. Something that we organize for every Surf Camp!

The idea was to celebrate The Surfer Kids’ 1st anniversary in epic style! (Something that we did anyway, but not the way we actually wanted to…)

We always incorporate at least one day of Outreach Surfing into all our Surf Camps, but it would’ve been REALLY cool to organise an additional day of Outreach Adventure for this special occasion! This is why we tried to organize a canoe trip with The Surfer Kids on the 20th November 2011. Exactly one year since the inception of The Surfer Kids Outreach Program on the 20th November 2010! Our fellow travelers and Unravel Surf Campers loved the idea of going canoeing with The Surfer Kids! While we kept it secret from The Surfer Kids as a surprise present for their 1st Anniversary!

But… LIFE is what happens while people make plans.

Things do not always work out the way you plan them to. Being able to fully accept this, is part of what peaceful living is all about. This is something that we strive for every day… and it isn’t easy. But if we really want peace, then this is something that we MUST aspire to…

We had it all worked out: EDEN ADVENTURES agreed to let us use their canoes without any charge and The Park Manager at Wildernis National Park agreed to let us into the park at half price! This was the perfect combo! How could anything go wrong? Surely it was destined to be!

But it wasn’t. There was no transport available for The Surfer Kids.

For this particular Surf Camp we were based in Buffalo Bay while The Surfer Kids had to be transported from their homes in the rural community of Friemersheim. Wildernis is located more or less in the middle…

We could not fit The Surfer Kids AND our Unravel Surf Travelers and Campers into the only vehicle we had available. Neither could we drop our guests and expect them to wait for an hour or two while we fetched The Surfer Kids. We had to arrange for transport from Friemersheim, which we did, but for some mysterious reason the offer was withdrawn on the morning of our planned canoe trip.

If one cannot maintain a centered and calm presence, then situations like these have the potential to drive you crazy. But in the bigger scheme of things, where thousands of galaxies and millions of stars are born and die every day, you have to ask yourself: “Where is the purpose in the rumblings of  one disgruntled person?”

So we did our best to take it in our stride… We had an epic day of fun with our November Spring Surf Camp Unravel Travelers and, three weeks later, we took The Surfer Kids canoeing anyway!!!

In the end EVERYTHING happens the way it is supposed to.

Because we were free from any Surf Camp responsibilities we were able to take two extra children canoeing, which we would not have been able to do if we went on the 20th November, as we had originally intended to…

Here are the photos from our canoe trip with The Surfer Kids. Once again, and as always, Thank You very much to my partner and soul mate, Jenya Zhivaleva. I cannot really fully express the extent of my gratitude for all her hard work in making Unravel Surf Travel a reality. Not to mention all those incredibly beautiful photographs!

Thank You

Yours in Surfing, Love and Life


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