Spring Surf Camp: Welcome to Summer!

Many people have tried to do the impossible. We are some of those people. We try to covey with words and photos what can essentially only be known through experience. It is like trying to replace a journey with a photo album and journal. These are valuable and irreplaceable companions to the journey but they will never replace the actual experience.

Why do we try to do this? I can only speak for myself, but I suspect that the motivation always remains more or less the same: Communication. I want to share the incredible things I have experienced in the course of my work with Unravel Surf Travel and The Surfer Kids.

Somewhere around 11:11 am on the 11th of November 2011 (11:11, 11-11-11) we picked up our first group of surfers for the season! After two days of exploring the Cape Peninsula we set off for an adventure on the Garden Route!

There are countless amazing things that we experienced together with this group of travellers! We saw whales playing in deep waters and we ate seafood on the beach. We stayed in an old-school beach-house where waves crashed onto the rocks mere metres from our doorstep. We surfed incredible waves and we explored pristine indigenous forests. We watched live South-African music acts and we did sunrise yoga on the beach. And through all of this I remembered the immortal words of Zoe Mazula from Zula Sound Bar: “Are we doing this for our health? Nope. Are we doing this for the money? Hell no!”

We are doing this to show people what the world has to offer if experiences are approached with a different attitude. A positive attitude. An attitude of caring and sharing. An attitude of love and peace. An attitude of freedom. An attitude of acceptance of that which already is. An attitude of being firmly rooted within the timeless moment of NOW. An attitude that does not seek to replace each and every experience with something better, but appreciates all for what it is. If you consider this attitude to be naïve, you are in need of an unravelling experience… Your life will never be the same again…

Our Spring 2011 Surf Camp was a roaring success!

All the travellers who joined us for this journey were completely satisfied and inspired to reach for new heights of imagination and enthusiasm!

We have selected the best photographs out of a vast collection of shots, in order to share with you, to some extent, what we have experienced.

We will host many more great Surf Camps! The next Unravel Surf Travel Camp is our upcoming New Year Surf Camp, for which we have only a few exclusive spots available! Our February Surf Camp has also been confirmed! Do not wait too long to book your spot for the ultimate adventure! For those of you who have your own transport, can already surf and / or have your own equipment, please enquire about discount on our existing prices! We also offer local rates!

But above all else we hope that the writing, combined here with incredible photographs, will inspire some of you to go out and UNRAVEL your own experiences! To discover truth where previously there were only illusions. To see and create beauty where there appears to be only the ordinary. To find love where fear dominates. To create peace there where life is in conflict. To accept that which is as having meaning. To continuously unravel this moment so as to see behind the veil of separation.

Thank you to everyone who partook in our recent Spring 2011 Surf Camp! We look forward to the upcoming New Year Surf Camp!

Thank you to Jenya Zhivaleva and Katya Donova for these incredible photos!

Yours in Surfing, Love and Life


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