The Surfer Kids at the Ross Taylor Benefit Surf Contest

~ Heraclitus of Ephesus (535 BC – 475 BC) was an Ancient Greek philosopher. From the lonely life he led, and still more from the riddling nature of his philosophy, he was called “The Obscure” and the “Weeping Philosopher”… He is famous for his doctrine of change being central to the universe, as stated in his famous saying, “You cannot step twice into the same stream”… He also believed in the unity of opposites, stating that “the path up and down are one and the same” (Wikipedia Heraclitus of Ephesus)

He is also quoted as saying “The only constant in the universe is change”

We were made aware of the Ross Taylor Benefit Surf Contest just a week prior to the event. We met one of the organisers, Bret, on the beach during a day of Outreach Surf Lessons on the 30th of July. When he saw and recognised some of The Surfer Kids he invited us to come and he even offered a reduced entry fee for the kids. Something we would desperately need if we were to enter all of them into the contest!

Somehow we made it happen! Despite no real replies to our pleas for sponsorship or donations and a tight budget that only really provides enough Diesel to host two Outreach Surf Lessons per month! Somehow we made it happen…

We accepted that somehow we would just have to drive to Buffalo Bay and back. And back and back.

It took months to organise and prepare for the recent Chintsa Development Surf Camp, and now we had only a few days to make a plan! Besides, the NPO Friends of Chintsa and a community fund-raiser covered just about every expense we had directly related to that weekend development camp.

How could we make a weekend long surf contest for The Surfer Kids work? Somehow we did. With more help from within the community itself than from anywhere else.

All the kids paid their own entrance fees. Those that could not afford to pay were helped by a community fund, organised and managed by the community itself, specifically dedicated to Unravel Surf Travel Outreach and The Surfer Kids in Friemersheim. The next community fund-raiser for The Surfer kids will be a Fish and Salad evening at the local primary school in Friemersheim.

The contest started early at 8 am on Saturday. In Buffalo Bay. Not too far away but still a bit of a drive… From Unravel Surf Travel Base Camp on the farm, between the tiny coastal towns of Klein Brak River and Groot Brak River, it’s still a good 100km’s to Buff’s!

A good portion of the road is gravel and so it takes at least an hour and a half to pick up The Surfer Kids and get to Buffalo Bay. It was the earliest start to an Unravel Surf Travel Outreach Day ever!

All in all the contest was a huge success! Thanks in large part to all the volunteer organisers and a good common spirit between all the people that attended. The awesome sponsored prizes also helped a lot!

Two of The Surfer Kids reached the finals! Chaneal and Wilmar placed third in the Development Girls and Development Boys divisions respectively!

The contest was also great fun! Particularly because once we got there the Unravel Surf Travel Crew was asked to organise the heats and then run the Development divisions! The organisers had their hands full running the other divisions as they had to cope with over 200 Surfers surfing 87 Heats. More than 29 hours of surfing!

We used our gazebo and a removable car seat as a judging tower and we hooked up some impartial judges floating around the contest area. We then organised over 30 kids and developing surfers into heats and surfed just a bit more than 16 heats in 3 rounds over two days. It all went GREAT but by Sunday night, after driving back and forth between Base Camp and Buff’s on Saturday and Sunday, we were pap tyres my bru!

Enjoy these great photos and a big thank you to Jenya for taking them with such great care!

Here we are! We will continue doing what we do best!

Yours in Surfing Love and Life


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