Unravel Surf Travel at Tribal Surf Fest

The Tribal Surf Fest was held over Easter Weekend at Onrus Main Beach. I was a judge and had the pleasure of seeing some spectacular Surfing & Body Boarding action all weekend long! Jenya was there to capture some of the best moments on camera and I hope that you enjoy the highlights below. The full collection of photographs will be published (in low resolution) on our PhotoShare Page. Click here to see the full collection of almost 400 images! If you are interested in buying any of the original high resolution photos please do not hesitate to contact us. Details regarding the purchase of original photographs can also be found on our PhotoShare Page. We ask R120 for 10 photographs, an absolute bargain!

Thank you to all involved in making the Tribal Surf Fest a huge success! (Thank you Mark!) Thanks to all the sponsors and thank you to my fellow judges. It is a tough but very rewarding job!

I hope to do it all over again very soon!


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One thought on “Unravel Surf Travel at Tribal Surf Fest

  1. Hi Hermann nice to have met you and great judging with you!Long days and shitty conditions but we had some laughs too!Think i’ll try sticking to surf judging rather than bodyboarding though!!!Keep well maybe we’ll bump into each other sometime!


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