Boland Surf Trials

I haven’t judged a surf contest in a good couple of years (not since becoming a Surfing South Africa (SSA) accredited Judge in ***) and so I was slightly nervous about accepting the offer to Judge at the upcoming Regional Boland Senior Trials in Jongensfontein, over the weekend of the 26th of February 2011.

But, as they say, “It’s like riding a bicycle” and it all came back in a matter of minutes. Appreciating and rewarding good surfing is a pleasure. So long as there is something to appreciate. And, for the most part, this Boland Trial had some super hot surfers in almost all the various categories.

Names like Shane Thorne, Jaco Steyn, a certain J Mellish, Stefan Lindeque, Johan Kriek and many others.

However it is not my aim to merely report events when I make the effort to write and I will not talk about who did what, with who and when, or who won.

I must, and always do, try to take something positive and pass it on so as to inspire myself and others to be the best we can be.

So do you want to know what I saw at the Boland Surfing Trials during February in Jongensfontein?

A whole bunch of people who all love to do what they do: Surfing. So much so that they are willing to sacrifice something of themselves to make a contribution towards it. And what is It? It is Surfing. The noble cause of pursuing that one perfect wave.

Yeah, myself and others rightly complain that competition is not always the best way to organise ourselves, but it’s what we know. And when it comes to surfing, it is, for the most part, very friendly.

It would be awesome if we could all have gone on a communal surf trip to Bali, but we couldn’t have. All we had was one weekend on the South East Coast in Jongensfontein. So what are ya gonna do with that? Have a surf contest I guess.

One of the major complaints I hear in response to suggesting a World Wide Resource Based Economy, with voluntary contribution as its corner stone, is that: “If it’s voluntary why would anyone work? Everybody would become couch potatoes and nothing would get done.”

I beg to differ.

The narrator of Zeitgeist: Moving Forward said it this way: “Give people something worth contributing to and I guarantee you that you would get volunteers left, right and centre.”

Give people something beautiful like surfing and there will always be people who take it upon themselves to make crucial contributions, where it matters, to make other beautiful things happen.

Look at these shots from the recent Finals of the Boland Trials and tell me they are not beautiful. It is an art to be able to ride a wave on a surfboard. To be able to manoeuvre the board with such skill and do things with such speed, in almost impossibly critical sections of a big and very fast moving wave. It is an artform which requires years of dedication in order to reach the levels of surfing skills caught on camera by Jenya during the recent Boland Surfing Trials.

And the people who need to contribute are there, miraculously. And they are not necessarily in it to gain anything at all. In fact many of them must make sacrifices to be there.

Give people something worth contributing to (Like a RBE World Wide Economic System specifically designed to take care of the entire planet and all the needs of every man, woman and child on the planet) and I guarantee you that there will be volunteers, who WILL make it work, left right and centre.

There are already many examples. Here is another one.

As always many thanks to you Jenya for the photos, and many other things!


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2 thoughts on “Boland Surf Trials

  1. love your life..
    the passion..
    the drive..
    the uncertainty to an extent..
    the not knowing what next..
    your care for the underprivileged inspirational..
    your appreciation of nature..
    and open house policy to friends..
    all cool..


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