The Build Up: Outreach Number 3

The waves at Dias Beach in Mosselbay were about my size. That means it was twice overhead for The Surfer Kids. Many other exciting things happened that day. For the first time.

We went on a surfboard factory tour thanks to Andries from DUNN Surfboards!

Benni surfed for first time! Or so he says. But we reckon he’s tried it before. He is a very keen parent (of one of The Surfer Kids) who has taken it upon himself to help us with organisation. He also lives within the heart of Friemersheim (the rural town where we do our Outreach) and is well-known amongst all the locals. He is agreat help in coordinating our Outreach Surf Lessons with Friemersheim Primary School.

It was also the day before we were about to leave for Cape Town, Not unusual in itself, but this time we were leaving to pick up our first group of International Surf Travellers! (See Buffalo Bay Surf Camp)

This Outreach Day was to be the last before the Surf Camp, where our guests would meet and surf with The Surfer Kids.

So here we are. One night before our guests land and one week before they meet with The Surfer Kids from Unravel Travel Outreach.

I told you te bigger picture was out there. Well, here it is! Enjoy its flowering! Check back for photos of what promises to be a legendary experience: Unravel Travel Outreach Surf on the 12th of Feb during our Buffalo Bay International Surf Camp!

And as always, many thanks to Jenya for the great photos!


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