Remember the 20th November

“I can guarantee that it will be worth your effort!” These were my last words to them as they disappeared around the corner.

I wasn’t sure that they would come. But they did and we made it a day worth remembering.

20th November 2010: Four very excited kids, four very excited surfers and a beautiful day at Victoria Bay.

To those of you that are new to Unravel Travel let me put it to you this way. We are not a travel company but a company of travellers. Whether we offer our services to German tourists or rural primary school children, we are always reaching out to our fellow humans.

Remember the 20th of November because that is the day on which the corner-stone of Unravel Travel was set down. A lot of work and planning went into that day and a lot of work and planning will result from that day. But on that day we accomplished what we had set out to do so long ago. What we did on the 20th of November will set the tone for the melody of our philosophy.

What is the Unravel Travel Philosophy? What is the point of our Surf Camps and Day Trips? Besides learning and teaching how to surf, what is it that gives deeper meaning to our lives?

Short of reading some of the previous posts on this blog, it would be a real challenge to give a short answer to that question.

But to put it into a nutshell, we look deeper than the surface appearance of things to find meaning in our experience. Our Surf Adventures are so much more than our services exchanged for your payment. And our Outreach Efforts are so much more than charity surf lessons. There lies a deeper connection between people in all situations, a connection that has something to do with us all being human.

We are all one.

The photos you are about to see represent that which we will build all of our future surfing adventures around. The concept of sharing. The concept of bringing different people into contact with one another so that the natural result is sharing.

The four kids from Friemersheim Primary School that you will see in these photos will one day be Unravel Travel Surf Camp Instructors, Managers and Organisers. That is the point.

I would like to thank everyone who helped. You know who you are. You were here and/or you have been here and you have helped us make our dream a reality.

Here is to the future!

As you can see from the photos we are in need of kiddies wetsuits, longboards and minimals. Feel free to contact us to donate unwanted surfing and/or camping equipment.

The next highlight on the Unravel Travel Surfing Calendar is our upcoming Surf Camp and the next Outreach Day, once again in cooperation with the local Primary School in Friemrsheim, which will be incorporated into the Surf Camp.

Anyway. Enjoy the photos!

Thank you

Text: Hermann Vivier

Photo: Jenya Zhivaleva

Coaches: Hermann Vivier, Reinder Elema, Alain du Toit, Ryno Keet

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3 thoughts on “Remember the 20th November

  1. Die foto’s is fantasties! Soveel energie en opwinding! Well done Jenya & Hermann and everybody involved! These kids got such a wonderful opportunity through your thoughtful input! May there be many more such outreaches where you touch the hearts and spirits and bodies of children / people! I hope to join with Meije and Trix in December for few days! Just sorting my new school programme. Love u much.


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