United We Stand

I am halfway between Saint Petersburg and Cape Town. But I am not halfway on my journey. My journey will continue until life’s quest is fulfilled. There is no ‘journey of mine’ to speak of. I only call it ‘my journey’ because my consciousness, my awareness, is limited to what I perceive to be ‘me’, but in actual fact there is no ‘me’ either. I am not halfway between a beginning and an end. There never was a beginning and there never will be an end, precisely because everything that has a beginning also has an end. When anything ends something else must also start. To infinity and beyond!

The human mind cannot comprehend the scope nor the implications of the seemingly impossible, and yet it is the seemingly impossible that is responsible for the existence of the universe and everything else that we perceive. Nuclei, that consist of Protons and Neutrons, around which Electrons orbit, make up Atoms. Different Elements have different Atomic structures, but the building blocks are the same: Protons, Neutrons and Electrons. Different Elements combine to form Molecules and these Molecules make up everything that we know of. Water, air, Stars, plants, people, planets and Aeroplanes. Simply put: Minuscule atoms make up everything that we can observe.

Atoms are also 99% empty space.

By implication everything that we consider to be ‘real’ is in actual fact 99% empty space.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I am writing this latest post from Dubai Airport, on my way back to Cape Town from Russia. After meeting several interesting people, making plans, creating ideas and conjuring up dreams I will have a lot to think about and work on after our return to Cape Town. We hope that the end result of all this effort will be our International Outreach Surf Camps.

Unravel Travel made friends in Russia. We met a co-founder of the Russian Surfing Association in Saint Petersberg. And in Moscow we met a friend of his who has organised several surfing camps in Indonesia, Portugal and other places. We will keep you updated on these developments as they happen this upcoming summer season.

But these things did not happen until we believed that they were possible.

The impossible will remain as such until we open our awareness to new possibilities.

A human cannot be arrogant. Our very limited awareness we will more than likely not be able to see certain things that are not only possible but in actual fact responsible for the way the world functions. Case in point: Reality is 99% Empty Space.

To elaborate: We had to remove our Laptops from our bag before it went through the security scanner at Domodedovo Airport in Moscow. Furthermore, after taking off shoes, a leather belt, my watch and my jacket, I went through a full body scanner. You stand inside a cylindrical tube, with your hands raised in the air, and a scanner moves all around the perimeter of the glass tube. It is quite intimidating. All in the name of Security.

No liquids in containers of over 100 or 200 millilitres are permitted. Unless of course it is bought after the security checkpoint in the Duty Free Zone.

After a five hour flight from Moscow to Dubai we were escorted off the plane straight into waiting buses that drove us to the terminal building. It was super humid and hot. As soon as we got to the terminal building there was another security check point. Shoes off, belt off, watch off, full body scanner, laptops out of bags and I couldn’t even keep the little bottle of water that the air stewardess gave to me.

Despite the fact that the bottle was sealed and labelled with the airline logo.

Security Threat?  Bullshit! How? Because Just in case I had Built a Bomb somewhere between being searched in Moscow and landing in Dubai? How? This procedure had no purpose other than to intimidate me. To remind me that I am a sheep in a flock, that I am to do only what I am told and that I have no choice but to play by rules that are not only unfair but cruel in every way imaginable to the vast majority of people on this planet.

If you deny this, you are as much under the illusion that is presented to you everyday as the people who sit there day in and day out conducting useless airport searches.

You don’t think they are useless? After the faked terror scare of 7/7 in London I was on my way to Cape Town. Airport security at Heathrow was tight. I flew to Cape Town via Windhoek, Namibia. On arrival in Windhoek I discovered a pocket knife in my hand luggage. It was a gift from a friend of mine who lived with me in London. The blade was at least twenty five centimetres long, and the hilt another twenty centimetres. It was more of a dagger. I made it through all the security checks at Heathrow while carrying this thing in my hand luggage.

Airport Security Checks are useless. If anybody really wanted to get anything through they could. But why would they want to? It is a Hollywood fantasy that there are people who want to hijack airlines. It is a fantasy that terrorist have hijacked aeroplanes and it is a complete fantasy that terrorists have in the past hijacked aeroplanes and used them as weapons.

The real terrorists of this world wear five thousand dollar designer suits and they don’t need to go though airport security because they fly in private jets. The real terrorists of this world do not shout religious slogans before blowing themselves up, the real terrorists indoctrinate and pay the families of the people who do blow themselves up. They pay the people who work in the highest offices of governments and corporations. They have agents who influence the judicial process and who pass legislation to protect them. The real terrorists of this world are masters of creating fear amongst ordinary people like you and me. By intimidating us.

But we have no idea who they are because there is always a patsy to take the blame for them.

Security personnel who stare at a computer monitors for hours on end are very likely to miss potentially dangerous objects. But that doesn’t matter because the people who make the rules do not care for your safety. They care to intimidate you. The uniforms and the security gadgets will do that. Whether or not the person wearing the uniform and using the gadget is actually paying attention doesn’t matter.

What is it about this illusion that it manages to keep us under its spell? Or is it perhaps something about ourselves that makes an otherwise obvious illusion very effective?

Fear of the unknown perhaps.

It was possible to create an illusion in the first place because we prefer easy explanations to unanswered questions.

What is it that generally overcomes fear of the unknown? Exploration.

Travelling, in every sense of the word.

United we stand as travellers of the world; because it is through travelling that we discover that the borders and customs that separate us are as much of an illusion as our surroundings.

We are all undeniably one. As matter is 99% empty space.

Fear of the unknown is easily overcome when trepidation is transformed into excitement. It is as easy to be excited about a new experience as it is to be afraid of it. The difference lies only in the approach. In your attitude. We quite literally create the world through thought because how we think determines what we find. An excited person will find joy in the very same experience that scares another. It is not the experience that differs but the mental attitude of the experiencer.

We by into the illusion presented to us if we are afraid of what may lie outside its scope. We act as if we know what the world is if we are afraid to find out what it may be.

Reality is 99% empty space. A full 1% more ‘real’ than our thoughts.

What if our thoughts were real and what if we created the world through thought? What if we could actually manifest our thoughts? We cannot because we are afraid of what will happen if we could. What if our thoughts are not private? Oh no! We cannot communicate telepathically because we are afraid of what others will think of us if they knew what we were thinking.

At the beginning of the 20th century we thought that our Milky Way Galaxy was the extent of the Universe. We were under that illusion because the galaxy is a very big place. It takes light, which travels 6 trillion miles in one year, one hundred thousand years to travel form one side of the galaxy to the other.

But none the less it was an illusion we outgrew.

Today we know that there are more galaxies. If all the galaxies we know of suddenly turned into tiny little peas they would fill an average sized sports stadium. Not just the seats but all the space in the stadium up to the roof and possibly beyond that too.

Each one of those galaxies contains millions and perhaps billions of stars like our own.

Our Sun is big enough to hold a million earth sized planets, and our star is one of the smaller ones. There are stars that are 300 000 times bigger than our sun.

What have we learnt then through our travels of the last hundred years?

The only things that are impossible are those things that we conceive of as being impossible.

Impossibility does not exist outside of our limited awareness. The Universe is infinite possibility.

I am not here to preach in defence of the truth. The truth needs no defence, it stands on its own.

Who did what, and for what reason, in the world we see today? That I leave for you to decide.

I want to motivate a change in the attitude with which we approach experience. I want to broaden my own horizons.

I am here to unite travellers from around the world. To unite them not in support of a leader, an ideology or anything else. A united mankind is united only by virtue of being human. Nothing can divide us and nothing else will unite us.

To be human is to travel and to travel is to experience the unknown. Travelling is what overcomes fear of the unknown.

To travel is to unite people from different places and to allow recognition of that which unites us before that which divides us.

To unite travellers is to give back to the world what it has given to me and to you: the opportunity to overcome fear. To extend awareness beyond its own limited & immediate surroundings.

As Travellers United We Stand.

To see the reality of infinite possibility.

Unravel your Travel.


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