The Guy that Knows The Secret

Although I did have a run in recently with just how sensitive a topic “sharing something” on this blog can be, I would love to share something right here.

By the way, Welcome to the office… It is Momday morning after all! And the first time in years that I have gotten up early with a smile on my face, on a Monday morning! But here I am! Smiling, despite the cold of the early morning in the shadow of the valley.

Yes, this place can do that to you.

Anyhow. Of course it wouldn’t be Monday morning by the time you read this. It takes a few days to get on the blog. Especially with such quality pics!

But it’d be a week day when you read and this and you may enjoy this for that very reason.

Work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep, well here is some inspiration.

I have a friend who just visited for two days, with him was another great guy and four girls. Don’t get me wrong they made a good weekend great!

But this guy, let’s call him R, he is the guy who’s been doing some even greater stuff on the Facebook “Establishing a Fun and Information Portal” Event Page. It is under Unravel Travel Group Events, by the way.

He is the Man. I mean he is The Guy.

Well now, let me see, we surfed some un-crowded Victoria Bay on a Sunday Afternoon, and the waves were not bad. What could be better than that? Lemme tell you.

This Guy knows the secret.

He might not realise it yet. Or perhaps he does. I also know the secret, I think. But I am guessing. This Guy. I reckon he knows it. We may find out. But if he uses these words, or others similar to it, to describe his secret one day, then we will know that I was onto something with my guessing here.

He doesn’t mind what happens.

You can inspire people and you can show them a way. But you cannot force people to do anything and you cannot show them the way. It is a subtle difference and it takes personal life crisis upon crisis to lead oneself to progress, across seemingly insurmountable difficulties inside oneself, so as to be able to distinguish the difference.

And that is why he is The Guy. He has fallen to the bottom and made a conscious decision, despite all the odds against him and the countless, seeming insurmountable personal difficulties he faced, to climb back up.

And just how did he do that? By accepting what is. The situations he were faced with. Again and again. Accepting it, or at least trying his best to do so, when people told him what they saw, in him, and also accepting the situation, as far as he could, when faced with insurmountable difficulties in others.

And what is the only thing that remained when the difficulties he saw in others were insurmountable? (Of course no difficulty in oneself is insurmountable, that is not an option) He walked away, only when he felt certain that he had done all that he could do and helped as far as what he is capable of. And forgiven past the point that he thought himself capable of. To put it simply, he walked away so as to avoid doing what he may later regret, and not in order to avoid the person.

And when one starts doing that, life, The Universe and Everything (as one of my favourite Authors once put it) starts doing what It CAN do for you. You will find that by accepting what people (and therefore situations) are, and working with what you have, you can get you quite far.

That is accepting what is, and working with what you have, without ever forgetting the importance and power of inspiration and true selfless (unselfish) leadership.

What is the benefit? Glad you asked! It avoids all the suffering caused when you are trying to do something, in other words: trying to work with a situation, while you are still struggling internally.

Struggling internally. Struggling to accept what you see in others. Because while you are struggling internally, of course you only see in others whatever it is that you are struggling with inside yourself.

This is not the place nor the time to tell you just how exactly he found this, the dirty details so to speak.

But feast your eyes on some of the quality shots Jenya took of our first session. (She is available for surfing portfolio bookings!) She surfed the second session of the day with us, so there are no photos of that one. R said the second session was better. But who knows. We always say that. “Hey, you should’ve seen it yesterday Bru! It was cooking!”

I wouldn’t know. I paddled out for the second session on a ten foot longboard. A boat, especially considering the conditions. The take-off’s were steep. And that boat, once you paddled into those waves, was going so fast that to turn the thing I would’ve needed a rudder. So I was too intent on the direction my nose was pointing in, so as not to obliterate someone, to even notice R.

I trusted he had the sense to stay clear of the beast. If you catch my drift, so to speak, here on this tranquil sunny morning in Valley Unravel Travel.




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