Unravel Travel meets a Friend who rides Horses

Jenya, my beautiful wife and also our photographer, has never been on a horse. The last time I rode a horse I fell off, got hurt, scared and never climbed back on again. That was more than 13 years ago and I was around 11 years old. At that point in my life I loved the feeling of riding a horse. Simply put it meant freedom. Until I fell off on that fateful day. The only other thing I loved equally was riding waves on my surfboard, but soon afterwards I lost that too, when I went to boarding-school to get myself a so called ‘proper education’, which cannot and will never happen in a modern day classroom anyway.

I thank God everyday that I have since reintroduced myself to surfing and living life.

 It makes almost mythological sense then that the first Unravel Travel friend we made after arriving at the new Unravel Travel Base Camp is Mossie. She offers horse riding in the area and takes people on beautiful scenic rides through the rolling country side of the Greater Mosselbay Area. (The closest town to her location is actually Klein Brak, which is next to Groot Brak and which is, ironically, bigger than Groot Brak, the closest town to our location)

 She is also a beauty therapist, but after deciding that it is easier to motivate a person to get on a horse than into a beauty salon, she dedicated herself to horse riding and sharing her passion with other people. She is a very accomplished horse rider and with her horse, Hendrik, she has taken part in show jumping and show riding. The kind of horse riding that requires great skill and a bond between man and animal that very few people ever know.

 You will find a link to her website, where you can find her contact details to book a horse riding experience, under our page ‘Friends of Unravel Travel’. There you will also find her CV and more details about her and her horses.

 We joined her on a Sunday Afternoon for a leisurely walk. She and two of her friends were on horse back, Jenya was running around to get some good shots and I dragged the camera equipment and a tripod all the way. Needless to say I was profusely sweating, much more so than anyone else.

 When Mossie saw that Jenye was slightly tired of walking she offered to let her ride on her horse while she walked in front. Jenya made it very clear that she cannot and have never ridden a horse, so it was best for Mossie to hang on to the reigns.

 I wasn’t offered a ride, and neither did I ask. Somebody had to carry the camera equipment… Excuses Excuses! But I know that I will do so some day, not long from now I hope. And I am looking forward to it!

 After saying yes to life there is not much left in this world that has the power to scare me. Riding a horse again after so many years will be a fitting way to continue my own personal journey with Unravel Travel.

 Thank You Mossie! Here is to good times to come!

5 thoughts on “Unravel Travel meets a Friend who rides Horses

      • WOW!! I’m out of words! This is really well done! I can’t thank you enough for the write-up about me and my horses and my dear friends riding with me. I am really honoured having met such great enthusiastic people like you! You already have a special place in my heart. XX


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