Our farmland

3 cars, 3 trailers and we still couldn’t fit!! Stu to the rescue: likely he replied to his phone when Hermann called him to ask what are you doing this Saturday! Family and Friends – Thank you so much for packing, loading, supporting, driving, offloading and what not!

We are finally settling in and getting used to our new lifestyle.

In the morning we wake with cows mooooooooooing and at night we go to sleep listening to baboons fighting for the sleeping space on the mountain! Days usually start with the steaming cup of coffee and sitting in front of the house and listening to the birds chasing each other over the river. Later comes some farming work – chopping the wood, planting some herbs, preparing compost bed for our future garden! Evening comes and brings cold, but with the warm fire inside the house and nice meal – we don’t feel it! It has been not even two weeks on the farm, so we are still discovering the place, us there and area around. We have scouted George, Mossel Bay and some local villages – some stunning places around. We just need to sort our own Internet and then we can keep you updated regularly! Warm hugs from Unravel Travel Farmland

If you have any questions..hopefully photos will tell you the rest!

One thought on “Our farmland

  1. Женя! и Герман! Привет! Благодаря Жене Т я имею возможность написать пару слов ! С новосельем дорогие мои ! Пиши нам на русском языке ! До свидания Целую и обнимаю т галя !


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