The Unravelling of Unravel Travel

The Unravelling of Unravel Travel

It has been decided, by “who knows whom?”, that Unravel Travel must move to the country. And what a move it will be!

“Check mate, mate!”

It is time to see what this grand game is all about. The stage is set and we are about to find out, ‘just how far are we prepared to unravel our travel in the search for fun, freedom, adventure and love?’. All those things perhaps better known as: The great truths of existence as we know it, otherwise called life’.

In the process Unravel Travel will be undergoing some structural changes. Instead of offering Day Trips, as was the case while we were resident in Cape Town City, we will now offer Longer Trips.

We will arrive at our new home at the end of May 2010 and Base Camp will established as of early June. Of course we have nothing better to offer the future and so we will offer it our best: Hope and Infallible Faith.

Base Camp is located next to a river which has, as far the farmer can remember, never run dry and it hosts Otters in the winter months. It looks out over the river valley and sees forest and cliffs to the one side and a red sand hill covered with Aloe Ferox succulents to the other side. The river cuts through two big open grass plains in front of the main house, on which cattle occasionally graze, which is the only other visible sign of human interference. In the distance the river cuts around a corner and there are steep inclines and a beautiful ridge, which can easily be climbed or walked. The main line traces a very gentle incline, dotted by trees, running to the top of the highest visible hill opposite the house and across the river.

Base Camp will established as a Radically Sustainable Set-Up. With the first immediate goal being self reliant in terms of food, energy, fuel and then everything else. Of course this won’t be achieved for some time, but it is none the less the aim. For instance our first major investment was not a Petrol Generator but a Battery Back up unit, for a similar price. The Battery Unit can be charged at the farmers house for a fee, by simply plugging it into the plug. Which is what we will do to start off with. But for a similar further investment we can purchase a simple solar panel set-up which can be directly connected to the type of batteries we are already using in the Battery Unit. We need only to remove and reconnect the batteries, which is a simple process. One simple further investment will mean almost total energy independence, for the same price as two middle of the range petrol generators.

A vegetable garden, chicken patch, fruit trees and an Owl Sanctuary are some of the sideline projects we have already started planning, all of which will contribute to the whole in a direct, wholesome and constructive way. One of us are already working full-time on viable ideas. We have also invested, thus far, into some other basic components such as: A Quad Bike, Complete Water Purifier for drinking water from the river, Gardening Tools, extra tents & sleeping bags (to initially house guests) and all kinds of other practical supplies. Added to this is an already complete snorkelling and surfing kit with which we can cater for several people. We recently got lucky and added some great boards to the surfboard collection which means that we have now got a COMPLETE range of boards. Which covers any and every plank preference you may have.

We are also considering the idea of establishing a dance / yoga / martial art / meditation and stretching platform in a nearby forest clearing. This will provide guests with the opportunity to practice various pursuits entirely surrounded by forest and blue skies. (of course we will either have to move this indoors for the winter months or cover it with a roof, both of which are viable options) Of course the platform will be covered with material to provide a completely flat and smooth surface needed for various arts and practices.

To start of with guests will be housed in structurally reinforced tents, which simple means tents that are erected semi permanently. Days will be planned and catered for by us and will be based around various outdoor / adventure activities, which, considering our location, we will of course be able to recommend and cater for a wide variety of.

That brings me to our general location. Groot Brak, South Africa is a small town on the South Eastern Coast of South Africa. Around 350 to 400 kilometres from Central Cape Town. The town is based around a river mouth, the name Groot Brak actually refers to the river, The Great Brackish River.

“River mouth you say?”

Yes. We are about ten kilometres from the outskirts of the town, though separated by hills and valleys, and about 15 to 16 kilometres from the beach. Which is where the river ‘mouths into’ the Indian Ocean. River mouths are notorious for notoriously large collections of fish and birds species.

Knysna, George (which has an airport) and Mosslebay are all within a 50 to 60 kilometre range.

So. Depending on circumstances we can either offer you a Shuttle Service to and from, lets say, Cape Town City Centre, or if you prefer to Travel on your own, we could pick you up at any of many easily reachable locations.

From there onwards the same Unravel Travel motto as always applies. To do as much as we can of adventure, fun freedom and love, with whatever we have. And now that will we have so much more (more space, more equipment and more freedom) we will also be in a position to give so much more back.

And the same Unravel Travel motto will eventually, I believe, lead us to a place where, if whatever we need can be produced sustainably on the spot, then there would be no need to pay for anything we give you as long as you contribute to its manifestation while you are there. Because ultimately we are not a travel company but a company of travellers. We would rather have you contribute to our experience of whatever we are able to manifest in that ideal location, than not have you there at all. And we believe that each and every human can and will contribute something given the right circumstances of fun, freedom, adventure and love.

To summarize:

From June / July / August and onwards Unravel Travel will offer:

Packages: (3/4/5 Day Trips) Mosselbay is at least half a day’s drive and there are some interesting things to see on the way so the journey should not be too rushed. Day 1 and Day 3 (or the last day) are therefore reserved for driving, perhaps with a sunset or early morning hike before or after, or a surf and or snorkel expedition on the way. But the larger part of either of these days will be spent getting there.

We will also be prepared to offer longer packages as long as all the details are worked out beforehand. However if there is time and space, and you feel like staying on we can organise and modify your travels as we go along.

It is after all Unravel Travel. There is no point for us (or you) to pretend that we know what the future holds. We don’t. So it has to be taken as it comes.

All packages will include the full range of Adventure Activities, Transport, Tent Accommodation, Food and Catering. Everything included in one package.

Of course this assumes that you need the shuttle service to and from Cape Town, but you are more than welcome to drive there and back on your own. In that case you could also come and go as you please and stay one or two nights on your way to somewhere else, for instance.

In that case we will be able to provide the following:

Accommodation: To start with we will have the capabilities to house at least 4 people a night in reinforced tents. The end goal is to provide all food from our own garden, but of course this will not happen immediately. But this is the plan: To provide and cater for you using only organically home-grown food. Plus we have an enthusiastic chef in-house who will be all too happy to delight you with camp fire fantasies, from pots to kebab to skewers and spit braai’s, we will have it all.

Adventure Activities: This can be booked separately, but will be all included in every package. We intend to expand the scope of what we can offer and are already planning a series of interconnected tree houses or various tree climbing facilities to name just some example of how we will quickly move beyond just surfing, snorkelling and hiking. Although this will probably always remain the main focus.

Lastly please visit the Facebook group page for some photos and a little preview of our new place.

More photos, details and price options will be worked out and we will keep the group (and our blog) updated on the latest developments.

Bookings can be made at

Please visit our blog regularly as this is the equivalent of our homepage and it is therefore far more detailed than the Facebook group. Our blog will soon also have much more detailed information regarding bookings and what we offer, plus it will have soon have some great photos.

Last, but not least, here is another reason to keep checking our blog. We are, to be perfectly honest, more interested in expanding our idea beyond ourselves than we are in making any kind of profit.

Therefore we will, as long as you have something to contribute, be more interested in collaborating with you than making money from you.

This is essentially the driving force behind providing everything we need ourselves. If we succeed we will be in a position to invite more people and charge less money and collaborate more without necessarily having to make profit to sustain our activities.

We trust that many of you will, one day, join us for some time, not for the sake of profit, material gain or covering our costs, but for the sake of cooperating to create something great!

Thank You

Unravel Travel

a company of travellers

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