Cape Point / Boulder’s Beach, Simons Town

After our last visit to Cape point somebody asked me: “ Why do you go there again and again. You’ve seen it at least four times in the last three months.”

I go to see the faces of the people that I take there. And I go especially to see their faces when we walk the trail to the top and finally round the last steps.

As cliché as that sounds it is true.

On this particular day the wind was howling and I was treated to a very first at Cape Point. I literally saw how water from the Ocean was being blown up into the air, but the wind was so strong that the water did not fall back into the ocean as it usually does. Veritable salt water clouds were forming and blown up along the Cape Point cliffs. It was a treat to see.

This particular day had another little cherry on top too.

Not being a regular tourist company we bend the rules and regulations where we feel it is needed.

The weather was holding up and we arrived with ample light left to see the penguins at Boulders Beach in Simon’s Town. It is a usual stop on the way back from Cape Point and it makes for better driving on the way back to town as we drove down the Atlantic side, toward the point, and back up the Indian side toward Cape Town. Some very good spots around this side for snorkelling too, but we were tool late for that. To squeeze that into this day we would have had to leave at 08.00 instead of 11.00.

The beach was “closed” (how can anybody ‘close’ a beach?) but we walked straight through an unlocked gate and were treated to some of the best penguin viewing I have seen at this place.

The beach was empty, the penguins were all over the place and the entrance was free of charge, better known as the gates being closed.

Compliments to the security guard. Next time I will buy him a half jack of whiskey. Once he arrived on the beach he was very patient in waiting for us to finish our photos and penguin viewing.

I guess he realised, like we did, that to “close” a beach is a futile exercise, somewhat like telling horny teenagers to abstain from sex. You could try until the end of time, but you will never succeed in closing a beach or keeping boys and girls away from having sex.

Hermann Vivier

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