Blue Lagoon

Although there wasn’t much to see we had the ultimate beginner to introduce to the world of snorkelling. I shall refrain from mentioning names for the sake of sparing her embarrassment, but she had tried it once before and almost fainted apparently.

The blue lagoon as we have named it is situated in the West Coast National Park and is also known as Langebaan Lagoon. It is ideal for learning how to handle a mask that covers your nose and breathing through a snorkel since the water is very calm. There are no waves and no currents whatsoever.

However this comes at a price. If you see anything you should consider yourself lucky.

The visibility looks deceptively good and the lagoon is pretty much devoid of much of the diverse marine life that thrives everywhere in the ocean. There are the occasional fish and seal, but to spot these takes a lot of patience and a good deal of luck.

However every now and then you would run into schools of sand shark.

This can be quite exhilarating. These sharks are completely harmless and don’t grow much more than the length of a man’s arm. But the idea of snorkelling with them is enough to give most people goosebumps.

The lagoon is an amazing place to just go and sit for a day. It is quiet, far removed from city life, surrounded by the most beautiful west coast Fynbos and there are few people who make the drive on a regular basis. You are guaranteed to be almost alone on any of the many little stretches of lagoon beaches.

The park also offers a beautiful drive through a pristine haven for wild life. Travellers through this park regularly report seeing ostrich and various specie of antelope.

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Hermann Vivier

Photography: Evgenia Zhivaleva

We are not offering you a service, but an experience, because we are not a travel company, but a company of travellers. We’ll take you to the best spots and provide all the equipment, but what you do, how you do it and with who, is entirely up to you.


Surfing lessons/Snorkeling/hiking trips – R 350 per person – all included

Yacht trips – R 1200 per hour (10 people max)

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and one of our team members will discuss with you all the details.

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